menu restaurant "Uns Hüsung"

Winter 2022


Hokkaido pumpkin cream soup
with pumpkin seed crunch
6.90 €

Swede cream soup
with marjoran potato chips and smoked duck breast
7.40 €

Fish soup “Warnemünde”

Light and vegetarian cuisine

Pumpkin, swede and potato casserole
gratinated with amber cheese and sautéed mushrooms
14.90 €


Ragout of local wild boar, deer and mushrooms
with kale and homemade serviette-dumplings
and wild lingonberry cream
24.00 €

Mecklenburg Panfish
Cod and coalfish fillet with mustard sauce, fried potatoes
and cucumber salad
18.50 €


Our favorite
Plaice fried in lemon butter
with bacon and onions, buttered potatoes and cucumber salad
20.50 €

Fried plaice in lemon butter


“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel
with lemon butter, capers and anchovy fillet,
served with fried potatoes and garden salad
22.50 €

Braised ox cheek
with red wine sauce, brussels sprouts
and celery mashed potatoes
24.50 €

Fried half duck „Mecklenburg style“
filled with dried fruits,
with orange sauce, apple red cabbage
and potato dumplings
€ 29.50

“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel


Variation of homemade sorbets (3 types)
Try our extraordinary creations.
8.50 €

Gingerbread crème brûlée
with cherries and homemade marzipan-cinnamon ice cream
10.90 €

Variation of homemade sorbets