menu restaurant "Uns Hüsung"

Summer 2019


Flamed smoked herring
with onion chutney, lime and sour cream mousse
and meadow herbs
9.80 €

Tatar of the Pomerania ox from organic farming
on toasted walnut bread with tomato pickled cucumber relish
and sweet potato straw
14.00 €


Cream of chicken soup
with pistachio dumplings, green asparagus
and sunflower sprouts
7.50 €

Foam soup of meadow herbs
with baked goat cream cheese praline
and home-smoked lamb noisettes
7.90 €

Fish soup “Warnemünde”
with saffron, aioli and fresh bread
small 9.90 €
large 13.20 €

Fish soup “Warnemünde”

Light, vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Tomato soup
with basil and roasted cashew nutss
(425 kcal, vegan and lactose free)
6.50 €

Potato rösti
with pickled marinated vegetables, salad
and lemon thyme quark
(624 kcal, vegan and gluten free)
13.50 €

Spelt Quiche
with soy cream, tomatoes, leaf spinach and pine nuts,
with fried beech mushrooms
(604 kcal, vegan and lactose free)
14.50 €

Lewitzer goat's cheese au gratin with lavender honey
with wild asparagus, stuffed pasta and rosemary butter
(592 kcal, vegetarian)
14.90 €

Tomato soup


Our favorite
Fried plaice in lemon butter
with bacon and onions, potatoes and cucumber salad
17.20 €

Pike-perch fillet roasted on the skin
with wild asparagus
and fine ribbon noodles in coconut-lime sauce
18.90 €

Poached roulade of loach and smoked salmon
filled with Büsumer crabs,
with saffron sauce, leaf spinach, beetroot and mashed potatoes
21.00 €

Fried halibut fillet
with lobster foam, mangetout, pea mint puree
and baked potato taler
22.50 €

Fried plaice in lemon butter


“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel
with lemon butter, caper apple and anchovie fillet
with fried potatoes and garden salad
18.90 €

Guinea fowl breast stuffed with mushrooms
in home-smoked ham jacket,
with grape sauce, beets
and baked corn semolina cookie
19.90 €

Fried fillet of organic pig under the mustard crust,
with colorful beans and potatoes Anna
24.50 €

Heifer rump steak, 250 g
with fried onions, Lehmkuhler mushrooms
and potato wedges with chive quark
26.00 €

“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel


Variation of homemade sorbets (3 types)
Try our extraordinary creations.
7.20 €

Cream cheese crème brûlée
with marinated berries and salted butter caramel ice cream
9.50 €

Buttermilk lemon cake
with peach ice cream and fresh raspberries
9.90 €

Smoked in the hotel garden
Beech wood smoked Old Mecklenburg Gouda
with fruity paprika jam and walnut sourdough bread
9.50 €

Variation of homemade sorbets

Selection of Northern
German organic cheese

Frisian Blue
semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with blue mould
typical “Roquefort” nuances, creamy spicy loaf, aged 10 months

“Mönchshofer” hay milk cheese
from cow's milk, mild to spicy, nutty, aged 6 months

semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with natural rind, mild and creamy taste,aged 3-8 weeks

Our organic cheese selection will be served with fig mustard, grapes and french bread.
10.90 €

Selection of Northern German organic cheese

Our current summer menu as PDF.