menu restaurant "Uns Hüsung"

Summer 2021


Home-smoked char fillet
with green sauce and apple-cucumber-potato salad
9.90 €

Beef tartare from pasture ox
with quail egg, baked capers, anchovy fillets
and walnut bread
11.50 €


Warnemünder Fischsoljanka
Various fish fillets from the Baltic Sea and Müritz
in tomato and vegetable stock, served with sour cream
and freshly baked bread
9.50 €

Wild garlic cream soup
with bread sails, egg and home-smoked lamb nuts
7.20 €

Fish soup “Warnemünde”

Light and vegetarian cuisine

Baked goat cheese
with caramelized apple ring, fig, pomegranate seeds,
walnut chervil pesto and hash browns
14.50 €


Our favorite
Plaice fried in lemon butter
with bacon and onions, buttered potatoes and cucumber salad
17.90 €

Fried salmon fillet
with white butter sauce, green asparagus, cress, chopped eggs
and avocado cereal risotto
20.50 €

Fried plaice in lemon butter


“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel
with lemon butter, capers and anchovy fillet,
served with fried potatoes and garden salad
19.50 €

Roasted chicken breast
with wild garlic filling, paprika fennel vegetables and polenta tartlets
19.50 €

Grilled steak from beef
under mustard herb crust, wirh grilled vegetables
and potato wedges with smoked garlic cream
26.50 €

“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel


Variation of homemade sorbets (3 types)
Try our extraordinary creations.
7.20 €

Nougat tartelette
with cocoa nibs and strawberry
9.90 €

Variation of homemade sorbets

Selection of Northern
German organic cheese

for example
Frisian Blue
semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with blue mould
typical “Roquefort” nuances, creamy spicy loaf, aged 10 months

“Mönchshofer” hay milk cheese
from cow's milk, mild to spicy, nutty, aged 6 months

semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with natural rind, mild and creamy taste,aged 3-8 weeks

Our organic cheese selection will be served with fig mustard, grapes and french bread.
10.90 €

Selection of Northern German organic cheese

Our current summer menu as PDF.