menu restaurant "Uns Hüsung"

Summer 2022


Home-smoked lamb nuts
on fried marinated celery, lentil salad and walnut chervil pesto
12.50 €

Appetizer variations Pike schnitzel on fried potatoes and sour cream
Herbs matjes on roasted wholemeal bread and remoulade
Smoked char fillet on avocado cream and cucumber salad
14.50 €


Tomato soup
with basil, pine nuts and roasted chiabatta
6.90 €

Poultry cream soup
with green asparagus and fried chicken roulade
7.50 €

Sugar snap pea soup
with guacamole, smoked salmon and pea cress
8.00 €

Warnemünder Fish-soljanka
Various fish fillets in tomato and vegetable broth,
with lemon, sour cream and oven-fresh baguette
11.50 €

Fish soup “Warnemünde”

Light and vegetarian cuisine

Pan of spelt and couscous pearls,
olive and pepper quiche, roasted cashew nuts
and marinated baby salad with tomato and rosemary vinaigrette
15.90 €

Lewitz goat cheese
owith wild garlic, beetroot gnocchi, chanterelles,
green asparagus and almond butter
16.50 €


Herring variation
Sherry, herbs, and smoked matjes
with housemade sauce, boiled potatoes and lettuce
16.50 €

Homemade sour meat
with apple and onion sauce, fried potatoes and lettuce
16.50 €

Mecklenburg Panfish
Cod and coalfish fillet with mustard sauce, fried potatoes
and cucumber salad
17.50 €


Our favorite
Plaice fried in lemon butter
with bacon and onions, buttered potatoes and cucumber salad
19.00 €

Pasta with rocket pesto and 5 black tiger prawns
with wild broccoli and melted tomatoes
21.50 €

Saltimbocca from pike-perch fillet
with sage butter, pickled ringlets, celery
and beetroot couscous
24.50 €

Poached sturgeon fillet
with chervil foam, garden vegetables, beech mushrooms
and mashed potatoes
28.00 €

Fried plaice in lemon butter


“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel
with lemon butter, capers and anchovy fillet,
served with fried potatoes and garden salad
22.50 €

Stick chops from Bad Sülzer straw pig
with café de paris butter, oyster mushroom sauce, colorful beans,
mushy peas and spiced potatoes
22.00 €

Duck breast
with thyme-orange sauce, green asparagus, carrot-ginger puree,
beetroot relish, beech mushrooms and cornmeal cake
24.50 €

Beef rump steak, 200 g
with vegetables, onion bacon dip
and roasted potatoes with chive sour cream
28.90 €

“Wiener Schnitzel”, baked veal schnitzel

Home cooking

Homemade sour meat
with apple and onion sauce, fried potatoes
and cucumber salad with sour cream
16.90 €

Labskaus - based on an old Warnemünde recipe
Boiled beef, herring fillet, gherkin, fried egg and buttered potatoes
18.90 €


Variation of homemade sorbets (3 types)
Try our extraordinary creations.
8.50 €

Crème brûlée of cream cheese
with marinated berries and peach ice cream with poppies
9.90 €

Strawberry variations
Strawberry tiramisu with marinated strawberries
and strawberry ice cream made from goat's milk
10.90 €

Variation of homemade sorbets

Selection of Northern
German organic cheese

for example
Frisian Blue
semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with blue mould
typical “Roquefort” nuances, creamy spicy loaf, aged 10 months

“Mönchshofer” hay milk cheese
from cow's milk, mild to spicy, nutty, aged 6 months

semisolid raw cow's milk cheese with natural rind, mild and creamy taste,aged 3-8 weeks

Our organic cheese selection will be served with fig mustard, grapes and toasted walnut bread.
12.90 €

Selection of Northern German organic cheese